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Celebrity Icon Challenge
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Welcome to the original Celebrity Icon Challenge! Celeb Challenge, created on February 13th, 2005, is a great place to hone your icon-making skills, participate in some friendly competition, and earn your standard i-challenge awards. The following are some basic rules to clear up any questions about the challenge that you might have.


01. All challenges will start on Saturdays or Sundays. Voting will be up on Fridays, and voting will end Sunday afternoon. Awards and winners will be up shortly thereafter.

02. Please respect all icon makers and do not insult them in any way, shape, or form. They put effort into their work, so do not disrespect them or you will be banned.

03. Members do not have posting access. All entries will be submitted by commenting on the challenge entry. Comments are screened to prevent members from voting based on the maker.

04. All submitted entries cannot be displayed anywhere else until voting has ended for the same reason as #3.

05. All entries must fit LJ userpic requirements; 40KB and 100x100. Please do not animate your entries.

06. Please use only your work and entirely your work. Do not edit bases that were already made or have someone else make your icon.

07. Only submit one icon per challenge unless otherwise stated by me, ladyheatherlly.

08. This is not a community for sharing icons- do not steal icons made by other users unless they have personally given you permission to do so.

09. Have fun, everyone!


js_challenge ; Jessica Simpson Icon challenge
kelly_challenge ; Kelly Clarkson Icon Challenge
as_challenge ; Ashlee Simpson Icon Challenge
gentlemenstills ; Hot Guys Icon Challenge
disney_contest ; Disney Movies Icon Challenge
movie_stillness ; Movies Stillness Contest
nic_challenge ; Nicole Kidman Icon Challenge
popgirl_contest ; Female Celebrity Graphics Contest
theater_stills ; Movies In Theaters Stillness Contest
rw_challenge ; Real World: Austin Icon Challenge
_beauty_icon ; Beauty Icon Challenge
visualxcandy ; Visual Candy Graphics Community
fergiechallenge ; Stacy Ferguson Icon Challenge
_nsyncchallenge ; N*Sync Icon Challenge
_model_icontest ; Model Icon Contest
motleychallenge ; Multi-Fandom Icon Challenge
jm_stillness ; John Mayer Stillness Challenge
angie_challenge ; Angelina Jolie Icon Challenge
amy_contest ; Amy Lee Icon Challenge
rbichallenge ; Rachel Bilson Icon Challenge
bigbrochallenge ; Big Brother 6 Icon Challenge
juiicy_iicons ; Celebrity Graphics Community
rach_challenge ; Rachel McAdams Icon Challenge
_celebicontest ; Celebrity Icon Contest
couples_ic ; Celebrity Couples Icon Challenge
akeys_challenge ; Alicia Keys Icon Challenge
charlize_stills ; Charlize Theron Stills


To promote the Celebrity Icon Challenge with a cute little button, just copy and paste what's in the text area to your userinfo, a journal entry- where ever you want (except for spamming, because no one likes spamming)!

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

NOTE: Right click on the button you want to use, click Properties, and copy and paste the URL where it says "URLGOESHERE" in the above HTML. Voila! Button. :]

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